Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do only a few students win the scholarships?

A: In June of 2016, Gananda Dollars for Scholars awarded scholarships totaling over $36,000 to 38 students from the school district's Class of 2015 and 2016. All qualified applicants were selected for at least one award. 


Q: Is it worth it to fill-out the application if my grades aren't the best? Are there any income restrictions?

A: Scholarships are based on a variety of factors, not just grades.  Students may be eligible for awards based on their extra-curricular activities, community service, part-time job, intended college major, life challenges and personal qualities.  All GDFS scholarships are merit, not need based.


Q: What if I have been attending WTCC?

A: There are scholarships that specify attendance at the Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC).






Q: What if I'm not sure where or when I am going on to higher education?

A: Gananda seniors are eligible for scholarships if they continue their education at a university, college, community college or trade school within two years of graduation.


Q: How and when should I apply?

A: Gananda Dollars for Scholars uses an on-line student profile to match students to scholarships. Students can start that profile at any time in high school  Once seniors complete their profile, they will begin receiving scholarship matches after January 1st. Seniors must complete their profiles and respond to scholarship matches by the posted spring due date.


Q: When do I find out if I won any scholarships or awards?

A: Awards are presented at a special ceremony and reception in June of each year. If you will be a scholarship recipient, you will receive an invitation.