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Please register using a personal email account instead of your student email account as you will need access to your email to accept scholarships and you will lose your student email access upon graduation. 

Enter information about your activities and achievements in your Gananda Dollars for Scholars electronic profile. Starting January 1, 2022, you will begin receiving scholarship matches based on this information. You need to enter your information, reply to matches and submit your signed volunteer log before midnight on March 19, 2022 to be considered for scholarships.  Recommendations are accepted after the deadline.

Applying for Scholarships- All Gananda Dollars for Scholars (GDFS) scholarships can be accessed using the online application process otherwise known as your student profile.

Log-in below to get started. You may begin your profile at any time, even if you are not a senior. This will help you keep track of your activities. 

Volunteer Requirement- Most awards administered through GDFS require a minimum number of community service hours.

During your high school career, you must complete at least 20 hours of community serviceFive of those hours must be for Gananda Dollars for Scholars sponsored activities.

Some scholarships are awarded based on a strong history of volunteering.  Keep track of your verified hours using the volunteer log (see below to download a copy). 

Scholarship Eligibility- Every graduating senior from the Gananda Central School District's current class year is eligible to apply for GDFS scholarships. This includes students who complete their education through the Wayne Technical and Career Center and students whose education is coordinated by the Gananda Committee on Special Education (CSE).

Scholarship Types- In addition to academic scholarships, Gananda Dollars for Scholars scholarships include awards based on community service, extra-curricular interests (sports, performing arts, etc), talents (art, music), work experience, college major and strength of character.

National Scholarships- When you enter your information into the profile you may receive matches to national scholarships.  These scholarships often have deadlines that are earlier than our local GDFS deadline.

Additional Actions- In addition to completing information about yourself, the profile process will ask you to send an e-mail to your counselor, parents and a personal reference to receive their input. 

You will need to submit your volunteer log before the deadline by either turning in a paper copy in the guidance office or uploading an electronic copy as an "additional document" within the profile. 



Parent Information

When initiated by your child, the online scholarship application or "profile" will send an e-mail request to you. You will be asked to respond with the following information:

Parental Permission- If your child is under 18, you must provide parental permission for their profile to be submitted and reviewed.

Financial Information (Optional)- Gananda Dollars for Scholars' scholarships are merit based, not need based.  Therefore, the selection committee does not look at financial information when selecting scholarship recipients. It may benefit your student to include financial information to be considered for need-based national scholarships.


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Collegiate Partners are more than 450 post secondary institutions that agree to fairly treat scholarships awarded through Scholarship America programs.

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