The Gananda chapter of Dollars for Scholars (GDFS) raises scholarship funds for qualified Gananda graduates. Our award winners have demonstrated a strong work ethic in their studies, and have contributed to their community.

GDFS believes that it is important for students to not only earn money for college, but to have the experience of community service. Volunteering helps the community, teaches students what they are capable of, and how they can use their abilities and talents outside of school. 

We celebrated our 25th year in 2016! In those 25 years, we have awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to over 800 Gananda students!





Celebration with our 2020 Award Winners included a caravan of balloon toting volunteers! 

GDFS is supported by local individuals and businesses, and is a part of Scholarship America. Scholarship America is the parent organization of Dollars for Scholars. It offers students and parents a resource to locate local and national scholarship opportunities. Gananda Dollars for Scholars is a  501(c)(3) non-profit, which means your donation is tax deductible. 

Having a portal on Scholarship America gives you the opportunity to look for other monies offered nationwide, and includes information that can help you receive funds for college.

To find out more about GDFS's and Scholarship America's scholarship program, click on the Student and Parent Log-in tab at the top of this website, or download our informational brochure.

Students need to document all of their volunteer and community service efforts. The  Verification of Community Service Log must be handed in by the deadline. The student profile and scholarship application must be completed on-line - also by the deadline. 

Students who want to be considered for GDFS scholarships are required to  have the following: 

  • A minimum average of 5 hours of volunteer service for each year of high school. (For a total of at least 20 hours). These activities may include work for scouts, church, Rotary, Walworth Rec., etc. They are considered regular volunteer hours.
  • At least 5 hours of service at GDFS events during your high school career.
  • Gananda Dollars for Scholars' events are:
    • Phone-a-thon
    • Caroling for Dollars
    • Making signs for events
    • Working at GDFS tables for open houses
    • Attending GDFS meetings
    • GDFS envelope stuffing and valentine making

Dollars for Scholars is the largest grassroots volunteer-driven scholarship organization in the United States, with nearly 1,100 locally based chapters. The money raised for scholarships stays where it belongs--for the students' awards. It is local philanthropy at its finest. According to the Wall Street Journal's personal finance magazine, Smart Money, Scholarship America is consistently on its list of the top education charities. 

Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer
1. It's fun!
Who doesn't love caroling with friends, picking pumpkins, decorating for the holidays or playing games with new friends? These and more are included in the volunteer opportunities for Gananda Dollars for Scholars alone. Churches, food pantries, mentoring programs, ambulance corps, and scouting offer so many more.

2. It's good for you!

You learn new skills, discover hidden talents and open doors to possible career paths. Reach out-it is easy to find fun activities once you open your mind to them.

3. It helps others!

It helps GDFS raise YOUR scholarship money. It helps your school and everyone you provide service for. Kids, senior citizens, families, your entire community!

4. It looks great on your resume!

Colleges are looking for students who do more than study. They want students who know how to work well with others toward a mutually beneficial goal. Volunteer early and often.

5. It qualifies you for scholarships!

GDFS encourages students to reach out beyond themselves during high school. There are so many intangible benefits to volunteering to help others. GDFS offers very tangible benefits! Well rounded teens who give back to their community are rewarded with scholarship money for studies beyond Gananda. In 2016, GDFS gave out over 100 scholarships ranging from $100 to $1,000 each. A total of $36,550 went to college expenses benefiting 38 Gananda graduates!

Contact GDFS at:

 You can also visit us on Facebook.