Board of Directors:
Michelle Miller - President
Jackie LaPlant - Vice President
Kim Harding - Recording Secretary
Rebecca Wetherby - Treasurer
Jill Escriva - Awards Chairperson
Lynda Dermady - Foundations of the Future Coordinator
Christine LoTempio - Corresponding Secretary

Kristen Kelleher - Ruben A. Cirillo Guidance Counselor
Barb Pavone


Heidi Schukraft - Asst. Treasurer
Amy Szlucha - Caroling for Dollars/Phone-a-thon
Kevin Arcoraci - Jar Wars
Jackie LaPlant 
- Phone-a-thon
Kim Harding - Policies
Lisa Finnegan - 
Awards Program
Terri Hahn - Phone-a-thon
Barb Litteer - Photographer
Nicole Berg - Publicity Chairperson
Lisa Fox
Tracy Hoteling





"On behalf of Scholarship America, I would like to personally offer you my warm congratulations on your selection as the Regional Chapter of the Year.  Your tireless energy, dedication and passion for volunteering with Dollars for Scholars have literally created life changing opportunities for students-not just in your community, but throughout the country! Your chapter should be incredibly proud of your achievements, as we are certainly thrilled with your selection." 

Mary Wynne, Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars Assistant Vice President.  May, 2012

GDFS is a collection of people who want to see students go to college and get the recognition and assistance they need to do so. Members include parents of past and present high school students, as well as alumni who would like to "give back" to their community. There are also faculty and staff members who are part of our group. We welcome anyone in the community who would like to contribute their expertise to Gananda Dollars for Scholars! Gananda Dollars for Scholars is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means your donation is tax deductible. 
GDFS meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month 7:00 - 8:30 p.m., Ruben A Cirillo High School Library.
Gananda Dollars for Scholars
1500 Dayspring Ridge
Walworth, NY 14568
For more information, read our brochure, send us an e-mail, or visit us on Facebook.