Gananda Dollars for Scholars is celebrating it's 26th anniversary this year! This is also our 26th annual Phone-a-thon. It is our largest fundraiser. In 2016, the donations from our Phone-a-thon supported 30 scholarships. $7,600 funded 12 awards worth $400 a piece for graduating seniors. 14 graduates of 2015, who received Phone-a-thon Awards as college freshman, received $200 each as sophomores through Scholarship Plus, which was also funded by the Phone-a-thon.

Winners of the Phone-a-Thon Awards are recognized for their consistent demonstration of high personal and academic standards throughout four years of high school. These same students will receive an additional amount as college sophomores through the multi-year Scholarships Plus initiative when they confirm both the successful completion of their first year of college and the registration for the second.

The Phone-a-thon would not be successful without our many donors and volunteers. Many adults help with the administrative duties, while the students call the community and ask for donations. It is great experience for them, and you will be proud of how professional and mature they sound when they call you.

If you are not home, or are not called during the Phone-a-thon, you should receive a letter in the mail. Please feel free to contact us, or send a check to:

Gananda Dollars for Scholars Phone-a-thon
1500 Dayspring Ridge
Walworth, NY 14568

You can also send an on-line donation to our secure Paypal page by clicking the phone below.


We hope you can donate $26 to help us celebrate our 26th anniversary! 
Thank you!